Client Testimonials: What Clients Have to Say

Babita’s clear command of her profession coupled with her sincere compassion as a human being (not to mention her incomparable talent for empathy) makes the task of self-examination under her guidance an easy and rewarding process. I have learned more about myself in the course of a single session with Babita — and I have seen her for both individual and couples therapy — than I have after months of consultation with other therapists. She is a more than effective resource for anyone seeking to understand themselves and their relationships better and I could not recommend her more.

~Client, Upper East Side NY

Babita helped me get closer to my truth. I was confused about where to go next in my career. I felt overwhelmed by everyone’s opinions of what I should or should not do. Working with Babita provided me with clarity as to what I wanted, needed and hoped to create in my life.

~Client, Upper West Side, NY

I was going through a divorce and found Babita ‘s website. It really spoke to me and I realized that there were so many emotions about the end of my marriage I was going through and how overwhelmed and sad I felt. Babita helped me to get through a very difficult time and reconnect with me and figure out how to move forward and create a new life after divorce. Reaching out to her and being in therapy was the best decision I made!

~Client, New Jersey

My husband and I struggled with how to tell the kids about our divorce. We reached out to Babita for help. Babita figured out a communication plan that was age appropriate for our kids and approaches to maintaining communication with them about their feelings. It was the smartest decision we made.

~Client, New York

…Babita for her support, encouragement and her unbiased ear to many of my concerns.

~Client, Published Author Acknowledgement in latest Novel, New York

I reached out to Babita because I was looking for a psychotherapist who could understand my cultural and professional struggles. I was struggling within the East/West dialectic and needed the understanding of my conflict. I came from Asia and was challenged with my own upbringing and assimilating professionally in the corporate world and personally in the US. My sessions with Babita have had a positive impact on my life!

~Client, Brooklyn, NY

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