Corporate Wellness Counseling for High Achievers & Corporate Professionals

“The doors will be opened to those bold enough to knock” ~ Unknown

Is “Job Therapy” a thing?

Your job can be satisfying and exciting (or not), but it can also be demanding, isolating, stressful, and exhausting. Sometimes it builds up over time. You may be thinking, therapy is for people with “bigger problems.”

I can help – I recognize that therapy for high achievers and corporate professionals is different. Why would they need corporate wellness counseling or “Job Therapy”?

Sometimes it is not about exploring your childhood or talking about your parents (that is not to say there may be a moment where your history is a factor in your work ethic or how you may be handling a situation at work). We will address work challenges in the present and your current needs around work.

In our corporate wellness counseling work together, we will focus on:

  • Learning better coping and stress management skills.
  • Finding creative solutions to work challenges as they come up.
  • Venting your frustrations in the workspace that you don’t want to bring home.
  • Tackling feelings of guilt around work and home.
  • Support if you feel isolated or “lonely at the top”.
  • Navigating challenges with colleagues, senior leadership and board members.
  • Letting go of any self-limiting beliefs that may impact your success.

Can Corporate Wellness Counseling Be Your Secret Weapon for Success?

Do corporate executives need therapy? As corporate executives, high achievers, and CEOs, you may be asking yourselves that important question. As the pressures of business life continue to increase, you may find yourself looking for ways to enhance your performance by seeking out corporate wellness counseling. By engaging in this type of therapy, as a person in a leadership position, can gain insights into your behavior that will help you succeed with greater confidence and clarity.

What Is Corporate Wellness? Providing Mental Health Support for High Achievers

The corporate world is a hectic and demanding space, and the pressure to achieve can be immense. To help high achievers like yourself, from corporate executives to doctors and lawyers, manage that stress and still perform at their peak, corporations are increasingly turning to corporate wellness programs that include mental health counseling services. Corporate wellness has become an indispensable part of providing support for busy professionals in a variety of high-performing roles.

Working with a corporate wellness and mental health counselor can allow yourself to gain valuable insights into your emotions and behavior. By talking about the challenges you face in the workplace, you have the opportunity to learn better ways of managing stress, developing greater emotional awareness, and improving communication skills. These strategies can help you become a more effective leader and help give you an edge over the competition.

Structure And Perspective

Whatever the specific symptoms or issues we target through corporate wellness counseling, I will help by providing structure and adding perspective to your thinking. At the same time, I will offer you the chance to experience the emotional and psychological benefits of simply being able to talk to someone who is never judgmental. The great part is I am trained in listening and questioning, all with the goal of improving your life.

Corporate wellness counseling & therapy is also very well suited for a lawyer or Compliance & Risk Executive whose training in recognizing problems and risks may hinder the ability to change regarding one’s own challenges. It’s also perfect for a person accustomed to being in control and having all the answers, but who now finds that things in their own life seem out of control or that answers seem out of reach.

Why Am I The Right Corporate Wellness Counseling Therapist For You?

I practiced law and was in the corporate world for almost 15 years before recognizing that I needed something different. I found that ‘something different’ through therapy, which changed my life. I then trained to become a licensed psychotherapist.

Everyone’s experience is their own, so you may not be looking to change your career, but you will find that I can fully connect with your situation and provide you with the understanding of a therapist and a corporate professional. I get it!

If your professional life is having an impact on your mental well-being, physical health, or social or family life.

If you just want a calm, safe and objective space to vent your frustrations and work on how to manage your day-to-day work stressors.

Contact me today for a free consultation to answer any questions, learn more about my approach and how corporate wellness counseling​ can help you. Stay connected through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest ! I look forward to connecting with you!​ I work with lawyers, bankers, and corporate professionals in New York City, New Jersey, and Florida.

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