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Couples especially need help today to navigate the multiple challenges of family life and social life. Talking about their feelings is something to be avoided. Often, they aren’t sure how they are feeling, let alone how to express their feelings.

How I connect with your spouse.

When a Couple walks through my door, I urge them both to be themselves and let go of the pressures that may overwhelm them (conscious or not) in their day-to-day world. The first and most important step I take when I begin working with a Couple is trying to understand how to connect with them and what they may need out of our sessions.

Once we have a strong foundation of collaboration, trust, understanding, and support, I bring in psychodynamics, behavioral therapy, and mindfulness to help your teen/tween cope, express, communicate, relax, and simply breathe.

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Reach out for a helping hand.

As parents, we feel like we have tried everything and just do not know what to say and do anymore. I personally and professionally understand that.

Asking for help does not mean that you are not a good enough parent or that you are giving up in any way. It means that you know it is time to turn to a skilled and compassionate professional such as myself for a helping hand.

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