Teletherapy & Online Therapy

Opening the Doors Psychotherapy is providing all therapy services exclusively online at this time.

Why Online Therapy?

The recent COVID-19 health crisis turned life upside down for many of us. Suddenly, we were told to “social distance” and “shelter-in-place” without any idea how long those orders would last. One small silver lining of this unprecedented crisis is that we are all better equipped to live life virtually as needed.

Opening the Doors Psychotherapy continues to provide teletherapy online therapy to ensure support to communities.

Even when we are not in a pandemic, life can be stressful and overwhelming. You know you need help or perspective, but you’re not sure how and when you will find the time. You may be:

  • An executive who travels and has an extremely busy schedule
  • A professional who can’t leave work to schedule an in-office session
  • A parent who is juggling managing the kids and their schedules
  • A college or graduate student that prefers sessions in between classes

Or, you may also just want the convenience of not commuting to a session or the ultimate privacy and confidentiality online therapy sessions afford you (No waiting rooms or exchanges with others in the office.

With online therapy counseling, you can meet your needs without the stress, efforts or anxiety of figuring out how you are going to achieve that in-person meeting.

Online therapy counseling can be especially helpful for things like:

  • Work-life balance challenges
  • Anxiety and depression for high-functioning professionals
  • Dealing with big life transitions
  • Relationship or parenting struggles for busy executives

How Does Online Therapy Counseling Work?

Online therapy makes counseling easy and accessible for everyone. All you need is a smartphone, iPad or computer and you are all set.  Grab that coffee or get comfy on the couch, conference room or wherever works for you! This is your session with me, just as deep, effective, empathic and safe, but flexible and easy. 

If you’re concerned about privacy and confidentiality during online counseling, you don’t have to be. When we work together virtually, we will use a HIPAA-compliant online therapy platform that minimizes any risk to confidentiality. I can also suggest some creative ways to find privacy for sessions, like:

  • Sitting outside or going for a walk
  • Placing a sound machine outside your room or office to mask noise
  • Adding it as a “client call” to your work calendar so colleagues don’t interrupt you during your session time
  • Using earbuds so our conversation can’t be overheard
  • Doing the session from your car, the garage, or even your closet
  • Giving your kiddos “extra” screen time so you have some alone time
  • Telling your partner you have a work call that you need privacy for

Life is changing rapidly – You don’t have to go through it alone.

If you are struggling with things like relationship issues, anxiety work-life issues, or other life stressors, but find that you can’t always get to the therapy office, I am here for you. By engaging in teletherapy online counseling services, you can get the same effective therapy just from the comfort of your own home, office, or even while traveling. 

Let’s connect on a video platform or phone to speak about how online therapy counseling works.


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