Do you lie awake at night wondering what may be stopping you from creating the life you want or the woman you want to be? You may be feeling anxious, frustrated or overwhelmed by not understanding what is holding you back.

Maybe it is a constant ache like an unfulfilled hunger that reminds you constantly of your searching heart. Perhaps you’ve tried all of the feel-good mantras and self-help books. Yet still, you are left feeling an overwhelming sense of emptiness in your life.

The culprit? Self-limiting beliefs.

Self-limiting beliefs come in a wide variety of forms but typically result from a misconception or insecurity about yourself that produces certain negative beliefs. A self-limiting belief will keep you in a state of hyper-awareness regarding your actions and interactions with others.

These beliefs are detrimental in that, though we think that these beliefs keep us stable, they also hold us back from being ourselves or moving forward in life. Consider the following:

7 self-limiting beliefs that keep you looking for more

1) The belief in perfection
Perhaps you fear that you are unhappy because you are missing that one specific piece that would solve all your problems. Essentially, you live by an unrealistic belief that if you can get everything right, you’ll feel better. However, not only is perfection a myth, but it also knocks down your self-esteem every time you fail to meet your expectations.

2) The belief in people-pleasing
Most of us are concerned with the happiness and well-being of those around us. However, when you constantly secure everyone else’s happiness before your own, you fall into the trap of being a people pleaser. This can dictate how you live, what choices you make, and what you sacrifice. You can’t get ahead if you are giving everything away to others.

3) The belief in safe stability
Have you ever had a career you didn’t like but felt that you couldn’t do better or wouldn’t be successful in making a change? For some of us, lacking the self-confidence to get out of the ruts we’re in is particularly damaging. Staying in a bad job or unhealthy relationship for the sake of consistency will keep you longing for more

self limiting beliefs4) The belief in rigid routine
Routines can be wonderful in that they help structure your days and keep you from becoming overwhelmed. However, if your life so heavily leans on the routines you create, you limit the possibility for positive changes to occur. Keeping an open mind and being willing to adapt to new circumstances and opportunities is important for your individual growth.

5) The belief in perpetual self-reliance
Are you a firm believer in an “I can do it myself” way of thinking? While, self-confidence and fostering one’s own independence are great qualities, asking for help is also a vital trait. When you refuse to ask for help, you both isolate yourself from others and potentially fail at whatever task you are attempting to execute alone.

6) The belief that we are not good enough
We want to show compassion to all, but often we do not show compassion to ourselves. Perhaps we grew up with critical voices or had experiences where we were made to feel less than. Working through those voices and recognizing how toxic they are to our self-confidence is huge. It is also important to check in on who you may be spending time with who have a negative impact on your mental health and blocks you from connecting with what you really need and want in your life.

7) The belief that dreams are out of reach
Almost everyone has a dream. Some of us take steps to make that dream a reality while some limit what’s possible in their life. The assumption that some things are just dreams, prevents us from believing in our capabilities and fosters the feeling of longing after an unreachable future.

Ditch the self-limiting beliefs in your life, and begin taking steps to seek out the positive beliefs that will help propel your life forward. Embrace this process alone or with the aid of a professional. With a bit of work and patience with yourself, you can develop a toolbox of healthy beliefs.

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