Psychotherapy & Online Therapy in Flemington NJ

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. ~ Ralph Marston

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like the challenges in your life are weighing you down, or stopping you from living the best life you can? Psychotherapy and online therapy in Flemington NJ may be the answer. Imagine being able to work through the things on your mind in a safe, comfortable space where you can freely express yourself and be heard. Simply put: psychotherapy is the treatment of these issues through psychological techniques rather than through medical means. 

Slow down and allow yourself to heal

Anyone can benefit from psychotherapy, but taking the first step can sometimes be difficult. Allowing yourself the time for self care in our fast paced lives can make a world of difference. Imagine spending 45 minutes with a trained professional that is dedicated to giving you their undivided attention, listening and collaborating with you in a genuine and non-judgemental space. 

We will tackle what you are struggling with together as a team.

Every person is unique, and we all experience life’s challenges in our own way. Together, I will partner with you to tackle your specific issues in an approach tailored just for you. My Flemington psychotherapy office is a comfortable and safe space where you are free to express yourself and your feelings. I use psychodynamic talk therapy combined with techniques based on my clinical training, varied experience, and my inner ability to empathize, and connect in your journey with you. Together, we can work through:

– Reducing stress and overall anxiety

– Navigating the present while working through traumas

– Finding the best version of themselves

– Relationships, sex, and intimacy issues

– Coping with a loss

– Managing the stress of parenting or being a caregiver to a parent

– Social, career or life pressures

– Creating a more fulfilling or balanced life

– Financial stressors that feel unmanageable or overwhelming

– School social/peer and academic pressures

– Transitioning into the golden years

All of the above – because life is full of transitions, challenges, ebbs and flows!

By working through these issues, we can begin to explore larger and deeper areas to provide clarity to the root of what is causing you these issues. What do you long to achieve? What may be holding you back? What are the patterns you keep repeating that just aren’t good for you? How can you move forward and open the doors to a healthier life?

Open the doors to a healthier life:

Psychotherapy can help an individual with clarity to a situation they may be dealing with. Sometimes this clarity can come in a sudden “Ah-Ha Moment”, other times this can happen overtime through talk therapy and support, again, each person is unique! Through our work together, you may feel like you are better prepared to manage your situation better, you may just feel more at peace having had someone to talk to. You may notice this by being able to identify unhealthy patterns you may be engaging in, reduced anxiety, or just making healthier decisions. While this process may not seem immediate, you will begin to notice a gradual difference in yourself and how you feel day to day.

What does a session look like?

Each individual therapy session is 45 minutes long and we will meet weekly to start. This is so we can build a rapport and deepen the trust in our relationship so that you are free and comfortable to work through any issues. We will work as a team together in my Flemington, NJ office, where you will have my undivided attention, support, insights and belief in you throughout your journey. 

Take the next steps:

Let’s open the doors to take that next step in your journey. Contact me today for a free consultation to answer any questions, learn more about my approach and how individual therapy can help you. I look forward to connecting with you!

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