I’m honored to have been a guest on the Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered, a space that encourages people to have authentic conversation and share both the high and low points of life. In the podcast, I talk with co-hosts Jason and Ben about narcissism, relationships, and how to know if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist.

In our conversation, we do a deep dive on the definition of a “narcissist.” People often think of narcissism as “vain and conceited,” but it’s really much more than that. As I tell Jason and Ben, narcissism actually exists on a spectrum that includes Narcissistic Personality Disorder (an actual diagnosis and condition) to having symptoms or traits of narcissism to a covert narcissist who is more “low-volume” narcissist. 

We also talk about the roots of narcissism and its connection to childhood experiences. Though they present themselves as confident, arrogant, or boastful, narcissism actually stems from a deep fear of being vulnerable. Both Jason and Ben share their own experiences as parents and how they can avoid raising children with narcissistic traits. Some tips I suggest looking for to see if kids are developing narcissistic traits are for are:

  • Lacking empathy
  • Difficulty regulating emotions and lashing out
  • Frequent rages or constantly monopolizing conversations
  • Needing to be constantly praised and/or the center of attention

Both co-hosts also disclose that they’re both in therapy and talk about their own concerns about having narcissistic traits. To help ease their concerns, I also share some common things that suggest someone might have narcissistic traits, like:

  • Difficulty or inability to apologize
  • Pattern of selfishness and lack of concern for others
  • Lack of awareness about selfish behaviors
  • Blaming others and difficulty holding others accountable
  • Frequent excuses and inability to empathize with others

In the podcast, we also explore other topics like EMDR and its use to manage trauma, anxiety, everyday stressors, and for something called future installation that helps you prepare for upcoming events. To learn more about narcissism, EMDR, and my approach to therapy, click here to listen to the full podcast on Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered.

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If you’re interested in therapy or coaching support, learn more about my services on my website, Opening the Doors Psychotherapy.

Until the next Opening the Doors post.

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