Me and My: Therapy for One

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are” ~Unknown

Make the time for you!

Imagine a place where you can put your thoughts and feelings into words; a place where you feel like you can express yourself and be heard; a place where it is your sanctuary to connect to your most authentic self without judgement or criticism. No pressure but just to take that pause in your life and be completely you. Individual Therapy can be that place and more, depending on your specific needs.

Give yourself permission!

I understand that sometimes its hard to take that time for yourself and give yourself the permission to have that mental health self-care time to work some stuff out that may be on your mind, weighing you down or stopping you from moving forward. Imagine what it would mean to spend 45 minutes with someone dedicated to hear you, see you, collaborate with you in a genuine and non-judgemental space?

As a team we will tackle your specific issues or overall life challenges.

I view individual therapy as a partnership, but I keep in mind that every individual is unique and I customize my approach to your needs. I use psychodynamic talk therapy combined with techniques based on my clinical training, varied experience, and my inner ability to empathize, connect and deeply be in your journey with you. Some of my clients have come to me to help them with:

  • Reducing stress and overall anxiety
  • Navigating the present while working through traumas
  • Finding the best version of themselves
  • Relationships, sex, and intimacy issues
  • Coping with a loss
  • Managing the stress of parenting or being a caregiver to a parent
  • Social, career or life pressures
  • Creating a more fulfilling or balanced life
  • Financial stressors that feel unmanageable or overwhelming
  • School social/peer and academic pressures
  • Transitioning into the golden years
  • All of the above – because life is full of transitions, challenges, ebbs and flows!

Larger, deeper areas we can explore together to provide clarity and understanding may include: What do you long to achieve? What may be holding you back? What are the patterns you keep repeating that just aren’t good for you? How might your unconscious thoughts have an impact on your decisions? How do you move forward if there are doors closed within you?

Individual Therapy can be transformative.

Sometimes it comes to my clients in an “Ah-Ha Moment,” where they suddenly understand a situation or it becomes more clear. Sometimes through our work, they know how to manage the situation better, or suddenly they are feeling lighter, less heavy, or just more at peace. It may show up in making healthier decisions, noticing if you are about to repeat a pattern, or a reduction in anxiety with techniques we have worked on together.  The shifts might seem more gradual; but over time you will begin to feel the transformation.

How Does Individual Therapy With Me Work?

Each individual therapy session is 45 minutes long and we will meet weekly to start. Weekly sessions will allow you to deepen the trust in our relationship, feel more comfortable to work through any issues and maintain focus in the process through consistency and attenton. We will work together as a team and you will have my undivided attention, support, insights and belief in you throughout the journey.

Lana’s Story

Lana came from a strict Turkish family. She also suffered from ulcers. She came to me to better understand how to manage and gain support about her health. During Lana’s therapy, we soon discovered how much her culture and challenges in finding her voice were also very powerful. Feelings of guilt and shame around having ulcers came from a family where being the “perfect” daughter was huge. Ulcers were also not talked about within her family, and often things were swept under the rug. Over time in therapy we unpacked Lana’s guilt and shame, and moved her into a space of confidence within herself, love for her body, and the ability to communicate more authentically with her family. These feelings had kept Lana from being able to move forward toward her goal of becoming a doctor. Today, Lana is a Pediatric resident living in her own apartment in LA and has never felt more empowered. She continues to self-care and found the balance between her authentic self, her family’s way of being, and her Turkish culture. Let’s make these transitions and open those doors together! Contact me to give yourself some self-care!


Lets open the doors to take that next step in your journey. Contact me today for a free consultation to answer any questions, learn more about my approach and how individual therapy can help you. I look forward to connecting with you!

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