Individual Divorce Counseling, Therapy & Recovery

“Maybe It is not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it is about starting over and finding something better.” ~ Anonymous

Not all marriages survive.

The end of a marriage can be a relief to some people, but it can also be really stressful – or maybe even both. For some, it is also very sad as your hopes and dreams are shattered.

Whether or not you chose to leave, you may experience intense feelings that may be painful or difficult. You may feel:

  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Shame
  • Anxiety

If children are involved, the stress or guilt levels may be even higher.

What makes my divorce counseling and practice effective is that not only have I experienced and healed from my own divorce, but I have an uncommon approach of how to help you move through this very significant life transition.

I would never assume that ‘this’ is exactly how you may feel or what stage of processing you might be in. Although each situation is unique, there are some phases of feelings and experiences in the journey of divorce recovery. Where you are in your journey will determine the kind of experience and work we will do together.

Divorce Counselling

The door has just closed or is closing.

  • Process through your sadness and grief without unnecessary suffering
  • Replace distressing and anxious thoughts with more reassuring, positive andrealistic thoughts
  • Shore up a support system
  • Begin to make your meaning of what’s happened
  • Challenge old core beliefs to elevate self-worth
  • Learn coping skills to get through holidays/anniversaries and other firsts
  • Develop healthy boundaries with the ex and your children
  • Regain clarity
Divorce Counselling

Walking towards another door and opening it

We will work together to help you:

  • Participate in discovery of self, authenticity
  • Build your self-worth through actionable steps toward the future
  • Begin to process forgiveness of self and ex
  • Begin to process toward acceptance and letting go
  • Learn to navigate life as a single parent, including self-care and life balance
  • Explore red flags in the marital relationship
  • Work toward healthy future relationships
Divorce Counselling

Walking through the open door…

We will work together to help you:

  • Clear your clutter! Begin the process to de-identify with your divorce
  • Identify stuff that may be stopping you from fully creating your new life and feeling content and happy again
  • Continue to process forgiveness of yourself and your ex-spouse
  • Connect the dots from your past to the present in your life
  • Achieve full acceptance and letting go
  • Appreciate your gifts
  • Arrive at healthy mindset

Kevin’s Story:

Kevin came to see me for divorce counseling and therapy after divorcing his wife of 25 years. Kevin’s children were in college, and he had been unhappy for years. He hoped the divorce would make him feel better, but instead he suddenly found he was feeling extreme sadness by the loss. His wife, who had not wanted a divorce, now seems to be “enjoying herself”!

Kevin was also struggling with being single. In our journey together, we identified Kevin’s fears about being single, his need to stay connected with people, and feel hopeful about the future. Together, we looked at the benefits of marriage that Kevin chose to give up. We also explored the benefits of being single, as well as connecting back to the man he felt he lost during the last several years of marriage.

We also worked through processing his grief and his guilt surrounding the divorce, his feelings towards his ex-wife, and his fears about being able to stay connected with his children.

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