Relationship Counseling: Emotionally Unavailable Partner

I’m so honored to share that I have been featured in this Oprah Magazine article exploring behaviors that can indicate when your partner is emotionally unavailable. 10 Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable takes an honest look at some warning signs that might be telling you that your partner isn’t as committed as you’re hoping they are. These are conversations we would have to get to the root of the problem during Relationship Counseling Sessions.

In this article, therapists from across the country share their views on what it means to be “emotionally unavailable” and (more importantly), what it means for you as their partner. This is something that I have focused on with so many clients during our Relationship Counseling Sessions, and I can tell you the clues are always there. In the article, I talk specifically about conflict and the reality that emotionally unavailable partners will usually dodge conflict to avoid any friction. Other clues that the article discusses are things like:

  • Invalidating your feelings
  • Playing games
  • Being defensive
  • Body language
  • Not respecting your time
  • Not working on the relationship
  • Acting selfishly
  • Keeping things at the surface

The article also offers some useful tips to cope with this reality outside of Relationship Counseling, including helpful questions to ask yourself to see if this relationship is really working for you. To read the full article in Oprah Magazine, click here.

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