Just the Two of Us: Therapy for Couples

“How did we get here? How did we close the doors of our hearts to each other?” ~ Unknown


The Way You Were

Does your relationship with your partner feel distant? Are you and your partner feeling frustrated and disconnected? Are you wondering what happened to the way you were?

Something has changed, and you both are no longer trying. It has become easier and easier to “do your own thing.” You can’t remember the last time you both talked –really talked – or had some honest sharing or even felt like you could.

You have become stuck.

Over time, you have become used to this way of being together. Sometimes you both reflect on how happy other couples look, or you may wonder whether you would be happier with someone else. You remember when your partner used to take an interest in you or wanted to spend time with you. Sometimes you wonder if they really know you anymore. And it all feels sad… or even hopeless.

But you are not ready to give up!

Too many years have gone by not to try.

Or it feels like too soon to give up.

Maybe you know you just need some outside guidance to help you both navigate a bump in the road…

It is amazing how even the very act of spending time in the couples therapy room and giving the relationship some attention can begin to close the gap that has been created over time.

You want your relationship to be healthy and connected again.

Your life and your relationship need nurturing and an investment of time and attention to work. I offer couples therapy to help with these things.

Open the doors to a healthier and happier relationship with couples therapy.

I have worked with many couples who may be feeling like you to help get them through the change in their relationship from being unhealthy to a better, more fulfilling path.

In my desire to work effectively with couples, I have created an integrative approach incorporating the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused, and other psychodynamic techniques specifically tailored to each unique couple.

We will work together to:

  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Understand what may be taking place for each of you and be able to express it in a safe space
  • Learn how to really be attuned to what the other’s emotions are and help you to really hear each other without the noise of old baggage
  • Become more mindful of each other’s needs and the needs of the relationship
  • Reconnect to who you were, but also to who you both are now
  • Bring romance back into your life
  • Manage financial issues
  • Develop tools for better communication
  • Work through parenting issues

And there is more… nothing is cookie-cutter because you and your partner are uniquely “YOU”.

All it takes is one phone call to begin your couples therapy.

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