Corporate Therapy & Mental Health Consulting

“Healthier Minds Result In More Positive Outcomes”

Why Engage A Corporate Therapist or Mental Health Consultant?

Although many people spend long hours working, they also have a life outside of it. That life is likely to include personal challenges, adverse events, and periods of reduced mental health and wellbeing. Each individual’s life circumstances will impact them at work, and will likely have ripple effects across teams and departments. Employee mental health has always been important, but COVID-19 has raised the bar to it being an essential fabric in the “work-place.” 

As a corporate therapist, I support individuals to reach a state of optimal wellbeing where they can better access their full potential in all spheres of life – including the workplace!  More reasons to engage in corporate therapy or mental health counseling for your organization include:

  • Raise the emotional intelligence of company employees by removing emotional, psychological or general barriers
  • Enhancing people’s processes and work performance which ultimately impacts the entire business and helps to reach desired organizational outcomes 
  • Reducing anxiety around work tasks and projects
  • Individual burn-out

Does Your Company Need A Therapist or Mental Health Counseling?

Engaging a therapist or corporate mental health counseling is the mark of an emotionally-intelligent and principle-led organization. In my experience, organizations that are committed to reducing the stigma around mental health, and where leadership acknowledges that they have a responsibility to the people they employ create more optimal, healthier and productive work environments.  Contemporary corporate settings center on technology, information process, business development, networking and strategy.  How well a company does and the most successful infrastructure is rooted in its people. 

The Process

Remote Corporate Therapy

A corporate therapy session is similar to a private session – it is based on the exploration of individual experience. This exploration is different for each person but often includes challenge and working on the edge of what is comfortable. Corporate therapy is likely to be time-limited sessions and this necessitates more focused working and greater emphasis on outcomes. Sessions are 30 minutes and held remotely at a mutually convenient time.

Mental Health Counseling

Broader in scope, mental health consulting can focus on broader organizational issues that need to be tackled for the overall emotional well-being of an organization. My consulting services are customized depending on the needs of the company such as:

  • Addressing mental health fall-out due to change.
  • Department Burn-out and dysfunctional workplace dynamics
  • Remote work boundaries; anxiety and loss
  • Survivor’s guilt


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