Relationship and Life Coaching to help individuals and
couples thrive during life’s biggest (or smallest!) changes or transitions.

Life Doesn’t Stop…Life Changes & Sometimes We Need To Catch Up With Life Coaching!

The interesting thing about life is that it is continually evolving. Whether we want them to or not, circumstances change all the time. Relationships start, relationships end, babies are born, promotions are gained, jobs are lost, families move to different cities, kids become adults, and so on… The list is never-ending.

Some of these changes are really exciting… some are heartbreaking. All have the potential to turn your life upside down or be the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for to create the life you’ve always imagined. And if there’s one thing I know from my work with hundreds of people as a coach and therapist, it’s that we have the power to choose whether change is going to be a painful ending or a door that opens up a whole new world.


You Need a Guide, Mentor, Sounding Board and Accountability Partner

As a Couples & Life Transitions Coach, I empower individuals and couples to figure out how to tackle challenges and proactively create the life they desire. If you just experienced, thinking about or are in the throes of a divorce, are trying to figure out who you are now that your children are adults, or are looking to move forward differently in your life or relationship, I’m here to empower you to take action and make those positive changes to your life. When Life Coaching, I will partner with you, support you, challenge you, and cheer you on as you decide what you want your life to look like and then take the necessary actions to make it happen.


 Life Coaching


I provide coaching in two specific areas where I know my experience, expertise and training is valuable:


Coaching For Couples

  • Coaching for couples looking to co-create a life plan, strengthen their communication, address conflict, recover from infidelity, and/or build intimacy in the relationship
  • Pre-marital coaching for couples preparing for marriage or co-habitation


Coaching for Life Transitions

  • Divorce/Divorce Recovery for individuals or couples who are in the process of separating, divorcing, or thinking about divorcing
  • Life planning after the death of a spouse or partner
  • Life planning for people who are retired or thinking about retiring
  • Empty nester coaching for parents whose children have recently moved out
  • New parent coaching for individuals or couples who are preparing for or have recently had a baby (Bringing Baby Home)
  • Individual coaching for people who want to make a change in their life be it personal or a career, but not sure what that might be


I’m a Couples & Life Transitions Coach for one reason – because the coaching I received during significant changes in my own life was so impactful that I wanted to help others in the same way.

Therapy was very valuable to help me heal from some emotional situations I experienced. Coaching helped me figure out how to navigate some major life changes and create the new version I wanted to live.

One of these big transitions was my career. Through coaching, I was able to figure out what made me unhappy at my job and realize that it wasn’t really the job itself – it was that the field I was working in which left me feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. My coach then empowered me to look inside myself to see what I really wanted to do – and that’s when I created a plan to become a therapist. I also found myself where I had processed the pain of my divorce, but wasn’t sure what my next steps were from a personal perspective. Engaging a coach to be my teammate and hold me accountable in my personal life plan made all the difference in the world!

I have now worked as a coach and therapist for many years and couldn’t be happier with my career choice. Supporting people as they experience significant life changes – like the end of a relationship, the death of a partner, a major career change, or becoming parents for the first time – is the most gratifying work I could possibly do and I am so grateful I get to partner with people like you every single day.


I like to say that coaching is all about “rolling up our sleeves and diving in” to the world of change. It is very goal-oriented and outcome-driven, and is best suited for people who are ready for action and who want their life to be different. Therapy can often supplement coaching and vice-versa.

  • A coach is a supportive thought-partner to help you explore possible changes and bounce ideas off of
  • A coach works with you to co-create a life plan to outline your goals
  • A coach helps you break goals down into actionable steps so they are more achievable
  • A coach helps you identify barriers and other things that are holding you back, and figure out how to move them out of the way
  • A coach uses resources like spreadsheets, action plans, and timelines to help you achieve your goals
  • A coach provides accountability and expects you to do what you say you’re going to do


It’s important to note that while there are some similarities, Life Coaching is not therapy. A therapist’s role is to help clients heal and recover from painful experiences in their past. As a coach, my role is to help you figure out what you want your present and future to look like so we can co-create your life plan and develop a strategy to make it come to fruition. In our work together, we focus on cultivating the leader within you, understanding what your goals are and ultimately action planning to achieve them.



If you are looking for a couples coach or life transitions coaching, click here to set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation with me!

Coaching can be provided online or in-person, depending on your preference and location. If you are located in the NewYork City/New Jersey/Florida area, I am available to meet in person.

I offer pay-as-you-go coaching and 4-session coaching packages (with email support). We will discuss these options in our consultation call.


  • Pay-as-you-go coaching
  • Four-session coaching
  • Half-day in-person coaching intensive *
  • Full-day VIP in-person coaching intensive

*Ideal for focusing on specific thing or for couples who want to do an intensive.

Are you ready to feel motivated, empowered, and equipped to take control and change your life? Let’s get started…


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