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How Psychotherapy Can Help

  • Psychotherapy can help you learn to connect more authentically with yourself.
  • Experience greater clarity and confidence.
  • Figure your life out.
  • Make healthier decisions.
  • Understand what got you here and whatever is holding you back.

My job, as a skilled and compassionate therapist, is to help you do all of the above and more. I don’t only offer psychotherapy for individuals, I offer it for couples, blended families, and more!

I will provide you with a calm and grounding space to help you navigate any challenging time you’re going through – be it a divorce, career change, relationship challenge, parenting challenge… together we will not only get you through this, but you will be more resilient and fulfilled.

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Is Psychotherapy for You?

New relationships or their endings, being a parent or step-parent, losses, moving, career changes or challenges, life is full of ebbs and flows and you are not sure how to manage it all…What do you do now? What does your life look like and what do you want it to look like?

You want to figure out how to take the reins of your life, but you aren’t sure how… you feel stuck. Sometimes being overwhelmed by it all leaves you feeling anxious, depressed, confused, and unhappy. You are here because your inner voice is telling you it is time to take care of yourself and sort through it all. Psychotherapy can help provide that boost you need.

Psychotherapy helps you get back on track in your life and opens the door to creating a more fulfilling and productive life – the life you deserve. You can learn more about my New Jersey psychotherapy services in the Services section.


In the early 1990s, I obtained my law degree and practiced law and corporate consulting at a Big 4 firm for many years.

In my late 30s, I felt stuck. My relationship was falling apart and my career just did not feel like me. I felt unfulfilled both personally and professionally.

I did not know how to manage all of these challenges. I also didn’t want to keep burdening my friends and family and felt overwhelmed by opinions and advice. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Through my own psychotherapy, I learned how to navigate through a truly difficult time in my life. (Eventually, my significant other and I parted ways and I experienced first-hand the divorce process and all of its recovery phases.) I also learned to recognize what was holding me back and how I could move forward to a better, healthier and happier life.

Through this process, I recognized what my calling was: being a psychotherapist and helping people through psychotherapy and other therapy practices.

After a significant clinical and academic journey, I transitioned into my new profession and opened my psychotherapy private practice.

Looking back on my journey, I can see that all of those experiences added to my innate ability to deeply connect and empathize with my clients who face similar challenges. The tools I developed in my own psychotherapy process such as resilience, empowerment, and understanding patterns to make better and healthier choices translate into all life transition spaces.

These psychotherapy tools and qualities really made a positive difference for me, and they have helped the many others who have come to me for therapy.

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